Whitsundays Little Treasures

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The Whitsundays is best known for it's 74 islands yet the mainland does have little treasures to enjoy without the requirement to pay for expensive cruises, or even the need to own or rent a boat. One such gem is the Cape Gloucester region. 

We were lucky to introduce the region to two new friends last weekend and show them what we believe to be a must see area. When you promise something special you put pressure on yourself to come up with the goods and after a forty minute drive through the countryside the pressure was really on with the age old query "are we there yet" being brought forward.

Finally we had glimpses of the ocean so we could ease their impatience with "almost there" sentences, yet when we hit an unmade road, I"m sure that made them feel we must be losing our minds, but the feeling was short lived.

At the start of the dirt road sits "Oh My God Hill". It's not difficult to work out why the hill got it's name. The views make your mouth drop wide open and just one phrase jumps from everyone's lips. Yep, you guessed it right. 

A little further down the dirt road you come to paradise, which is just around the corner from Heaven. The beach comes into view, and oh what a beach it is.

We stopped at the busy Cape Gloucester Resort, which is on the shores of Edgecumbe Bay. It was Sunday and a little busier that usual, very crowded with perhaps twenty or so people enjoying themselves along the beach. Okay we are spoilt but we like it that way. 

A lunch break preceded a photoshoot and we watched in awe as out friends fell in love with Cape Gloucester.

While we have photographed this area many times before, the challenge is to come up with something a little different. Having some attractive friends as models certainly helps and simply enjoying the day also aids in creating images that are not stage managed. 

On the day we all had a lot of laughs, a refreshing swim, delicious lunch at the Cape Gloucester Resort and applied out trade. Please enjoy a few of those candid images from the day. 

Cape Gloucester is a stunningly beautiful area. We make sure all our visitors enjoy time in paradise while we work at our craft. 



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